Final projects

The final projects for this class were really the culmination of a few semesters in the program. Students were to create a multimedia site using Wordpress on a topic of their choice. They were to use a variety of sources in telling their stories and incorporate data presentations in any way that we had discussed this semester. The Syllabus page has more detail on the requirements. The students worked in teams of two, creating and sharing content, but each developed his/her own site.

Some of the projects stand out as good examples of the range of topics they were expected to cover.

Home Grown (image above) - How to get involved with local food production by Ashley Goode and Brittany Black. Use of HighCharts (JQuery-based), Fusion Tables, Excellent photography and design.

The State of Women's Health - Transforming Texas women's healthcare 2011-2013 by Megan Kilgore and Katie Dudley. Use of Timeline.js, Fusion Tables and Google Charts.


Cell-ebration - The history of mobile phones by Kristie Vela and Temple Carter. Use of Timeline.js, AnswerGarden and

There were two other projects who had problems with the presentation of data, but they did some interesting things with their content and the use of Ushahidi to crowd source sites for wedding locations in Texas.

Because we covered a range of topics in a workshop fashion throughout the semester, students had to use judgment in deciding which tools to use or not to use. This is a challenging project, for two people to comprehensively tell a story with multimedia and data aspects. These students worked mostly independently and now have experience in this type of reporting.