Jan. 16

Web Development Presentation

Data Journalism Handbook


Interactive Data Visualization for the Web

10 Things Every Journalist Should Know

Basic Web Design Review - handout (new)

HTML5/CSS3 Techniques

HTML5 basics
CSS3 basics

Responsive Design Review
Read: Resposive Design Roundup

Read: Responsive Design Explained

Read: Making the Transition to HTML5

Read: Avoiding Common HTML5 Mistakes

Read: The Story Behind HTML5

More Resources:

How To Get Started with Data Journalism Presentation

Web Literacies

Life and Code Blog

SOURCE project


HTML5/CSS3 Exercise

Jan. 23



Forms and Form Processing - handout (new)

Basic Excel Functions - handout

Read: Introduction section in Data Journalism Handbook

Read: Designing Data - Visualization

Read: Learning to Make the Internets - A Journalist's Guide - Andy Boyle

Read: The Age of Big Data - NY Times

Read: Do Publishers Still Need Native Apps

Read: Beginner's Pre-Guide to Data Journalism

Video: TED Talk Tim Berner's Lee: The Next Web

Video: TED Talk Tim Berner's Lee: The Year Open Data Went Worldwide

Video: TEDx Pantheon-Sorbonne Simon Rogers: Data Journalists are the New Punks


Assignment: Read all the items above, as well as Predictions for Journalists 2013 - Nieman Lab; Do a blog post. What are your predictions for 2013 in the worlds of communication, programming and data? Do this before class on 1/23.


Form Exercise

Excel Exercise


Jan. 30

News: Brittany





Intro to Programming - Javascript - Handout (new)

Read: In The Newsroom section in Data Journalism Handbook; Data Journalism Handbook ppt

Read: Behind the NYT Interactive Team

Read: Data Therapy for Journalists

Read: How to Learn a Programming Language

Read: Telling Stories with Data  and Gather Data Handouts - on TRACS under Resources, Visualize This.

Read: How to Get Started in Data Journalism

Assignment: Blog post on Excel exercise. See Excel handout. Also read the above items. Due before class on 1/30.

Javascript Exercise

Feb. 6

News: Temple





Simple Charting Exercises

Simple Charting Exercise with HTML/CSS/JavaScript Handout (new)
Simple Chart example (chart.html) new
Chart Percent example (chart_percent.html) new

Charting with Form Input Handout (new)
Charting with Form example (chart_form.html) new
Charting - Vertical example (chart_vert.html) new

Data Journalism Case Studies - review and we'll cover in class

Read: More Examples

Interactive News Examples - NYT and Guardian (and article)

NYT 2012 The Year in Graphics

Video: Big Data Explained by Common Craft

Assignment: Work with the Javascript examples on your own. And write a blog post on your own favorite data journalism examples. Due before class on Feb. 6.


Charting Exercise


Feb. 13

News: Katie




Complete Charting Exercises

HTML5 Canvas Handout (new)
Sample Canvas Chart (canvas.html) new
Simple Arc Example (canvasarc.html) new

Read the following articles from Online Journalism Review:

http://www.ojr.org/ojr/stories/070523ruel/ - About Online Infographics http://www.ojr.org/ojr/stories/060605niles/ - Interview with Adrian Holovaty

Read: "Renegades at the New York Times" NY Magazine, Jan. 11, 2009

Read: "Times Editor Says Media Not Driven to Data Journalism," 2012

Read: "A Fundamental Way Newspaper Sites Need to Change," Adrian Holovaty, 2006

Read: "Meet the Young Designers Behind the Washington Post's Infographics"

Read: "Data Journalism at the Guardian"

Watch: Paul Steiger of ProPublica at World Summit

Watch: How Can Data Journalism Save the Newsroom, from International Journalism Festival, 2012

Charting and Canvas

Feb. 20

News: Ashley G.




JQuery Handout

Making an Infographic

Making Infographics Handout - features PiktoChart, Infogr.am and Visual.ly, with comments about Illustrators charting feature.

Read: Understanding Data Section in Data Journalism Handbook

Read: Claiming Back the Term Infographic

Pinterest of Data Visualizations


Tufte - The Visual Display of Quantitative Information

Assignment: Read all the items above. At this point, you need to start thinking about a question(s) you might like to answer with data for a final project. Think about what your overall topic might be, what data sources you might use and how you would cover the issue. Do a blog post. We will discuss. This is just the beginning of brainstorming some ideas for your final project.


Infographic Exercise


Feb. 27






Working with data - sqlite manager

sqlite manager handout

Read: Delivering Data: How to Build a News App

Read: Getting Data Section in Data Journalism Handbook

Read: Raw Data, Now!

Read: Election Shows Data Iliteracy a Problem With Journalists

Read: A Date With Nate

Assignment: Read all the items above. Work on the JQuery exercises at the end of the handout on your own. Basic Interactive Button, Table Striping and the Accordion Widget Using JQuery UI. Complete them. Make a folder on your website under public_html called "jquery". Upload the assigments to see them working on the Web. Make sure your upload any supporting scripts to the proper location, if you are using any. You should give each html page a unique name to distinguish it (i.e. button.html; table.html; accordion.html. You will be expected to execute these on your own. Your grade will reflect your ability to execute and troubleshoot, so they have to work! These must be done before class.




SQLite Exercise



March 6

News: Chris


Google Fusion Tables

Fusion Tables Handout


Assignment: Before class on 3/6 make sure you have completed all Exercises on the Infographics handout. Read the Delivering Data section of the Data Journalism Handbook.

Fusion Tables Exercise
March 13

Spring Break

Assignment: Visit the SXTXState.com site. Make comments (meaningful comments - at least a paragraph of 3 or more sentences) on at least 5 posts during the week. We will discuss. Complete before class on 3/20.


March 20

News: Kristina


Delivering Data section in Data Journalism Handbook

Google Visualizations


Visualization Exercise

March 27

News: Megan



Web Scraping

Web Scraping Basics handout (new)

Advanced Web Scraping with Python handout (new)


Scraping for Journalism - A Guide to Collecting Data

Getting to Grips with ScraperWiki for Those Who Don't Code

Web Scraping for Non-Programmers - Michelle Minkoff


Assignment: Due before class on 3/27 - Pick your final project topic. Do one blog post per team on your topic and how you plan to approach. Consider the elements we discussed in the Data Journalism Handbook. Do the post before 3/27. Review Final Project description on syllabus.

Web Scraping Exercise

April 3

News: Chelsea




Read: Consider Your Message When Choosing Chart

Read: Post-Industrial Journalism Intro

Assignment: Due Before class on April 3. Read the Intro to the Post-Industrial Journalism study and do a blog post. Discuss their five core beliefs. Do you agree with how they have set up their arguments? Also, what is your distinction of public vs. audience?


PHP Exercise

April 10

News: Selinda



Web Frameworks - Ruby on Rails


Read: Post-Industrial Journalism Section 1 Journalists

Post: We've been talking a lot about coding: why kids should code, why females should code, why journalists should code, why you should code. Do some research on this "coding for everyone" phenomenon and discuss your view. Identify and provide a brief summary of some of the most interesting articles on this topic (provide links). What are the benefits and challenges? What are the best resources for learning to code? Discuss this in the context of Post-Industrial Journalism Section 1 chapter, too. Also, be sure to read the last three articles in the list above, the ones that compare Rails, Django and talk about frameworks.


Rails Exercise

April 17

News: Ashley V.



HighCharts Handout
Data for exercise

Read: Post-Industrial Journalism Section 2 Institutions


Assignment: There have been several recent pieces that discuss interesting trends. Read or watch the following and make a post briefly discussing each one.

Jimmy Wales Interview, Wired, 2013
The Nielsen Family is Dead, Wired, 2013
Amanda Palmer TED Talk, 2013
Media Shift Special Section on Online Advertising - there are several articles in this sections, so peruse for main points

We'll look at these in class
How to Teach Yourself to Code
9 Things I Didn't Use to Learn Ruby on Rails


April 24

News: Kristie V.


Read: Post-Industrial Journalism Section 3 Ecosystem and Conclusion

Read: Sure, Data is Great, But So Is Intuition

Work on Final Projects

Assignment: We've covered a variety of skills in a workshop-type manner throughout the semester. Write a post discussing what you've learned. What do you think are the most valuable skills and how do you plan to use them in the future? What is your plan for staying up-to-date?

May 1 & May 8


Work on Final Projects; Projects due on May 8 at midnight