Links and Resources

Texas State Resources

Technology Resources Tool Kit - includes links for retrieving your Net ID
Tech Resources Software Download - some free downloads, like Fetch, WS-FTP, etc.
Texas State ITAC Support
Educational Discounts on Computer Hardware
University Bookstore Computer and Electronics
TRACS - email communication and gradeboook for this course
Texas State Library Resources

Advanced Development Resources
HTML5 Tutorial - W3 Schools -
CSS3 Tutorial - W3 Schools -
Wordpress -
Drupal - - -
Ruby on Rails -
Django -
JQuery -
Firefox Web Developer Tools -
Firebug -

Data Visualization Resources
Google Charts Tools -
Google Fusion Tables-
SQLite Manager -
PiktoChart - create infographics

Learn to Program Resources
Teach Yourself to Program - RWW
Learn to
Code Academy
Don't Fear the Internet

Web Hosting
Bluehost -
Dot Easy -
AVA Host -

ACC Web Design and Development Certification -
Knight Digital Media Center Tutorials -

Code Hints
Javascript for controlling size and location of new Window:
<a href="filename.html"onclick="'filename.html','Listings',
'width=650,height=600,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes,screenX=50,screenY=250,top=50,left=250'); return false ;" >Link Text</a>

FTP Options
Filezilla - versions for Mac and Windows users.
Fetch - download from TXST Software Downloads
FireFTP - Firefox FTP plugin

Web Development Applications and Software
Adobe Products
Dreamweaver - Web editing and publishing tool
Photoshop - Image editing software, manipulate photo images or create Web graphics with filters and effects

Apple Products
iMovie - Video editing software
Quicktime and Quicktime Pro- Media player and media editing software
Sound Recorder - Audio Editing
Audacity - Audio Editing

Other Resources
W3 Schools Browser and Monitor Stats
Bandwidth Comparison Chart
How Search Engines Work
How the Web Works
Nerds 2.0.1-Timeline (PBS)
Tim Berners-Lee Web site
Worldwide Web Consortium
ICANN - Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
ASCII for special characters
HTML Color Names
UT International Symposium in Online Journalism